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vufus"Genesis" Artist: Suzanne King

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zhigelev: Honda CB 750F Super Sport

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The Persistence of Memory, detail.Salvador Dali

The Persistence of Memory [Salvador Dalí], painting by Salvador Dalí (1931).

melting clocks.Salvador Dali

Soft Watch At The Moment Of First Explosion By Salvador Dali

Also known as Soft Watches, work (oil on canvas, 26.3 x 36.5 cm, The Museum of Modern Art, New York) is characteristic of the creative process that Dalí had developed since his meeting in 1929 with the Surrealists. The paranoiac-critical method,” in 1930 indicated in the text Donkey rotten (No. 1 of the journal Surrealism in the service of the revolution) and resonates with the work of Lacan (magazine articles and thesis on Minotaur the paranoia in dealing with personality published in 1932), is intended method “active” ownership-transforming reality through a system where personal memories, fantasies, desires and their interpretations have an important role. Heterogeneous materials gathered and kept their own character in an accurate and realistic pictorial representation, but at the same time, are absorbed in multiple combinations and symbolic.

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psychoactivelectricity: The Violator

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poiparazziNicole - fire fans

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Jerry’s Alligator Strat

Jerry’s Alligator Strat

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The skeleton key to the Phil Zone…

The skeleton key to the Phil Zone…

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Jerry Garcia “California Mission”1992

Jerry Garcia “California Mission”1992


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"I never was the girl next door. "
- Bettie Page


"I never was the girl next door. "
- Bettie Page

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